I have done the bulk of my formal nutrition education with Precision Nutrition, an industry leader in nutrition coaching and education. I love their non-dogmatic, evidence based approach to the hard science of nutrition, and the softer science of change psychology. For most of us, our habits are so much harder to change than our bodies. In fact, in many ways our bodies are the
physical manifestation of our accumulated habits. Once you figure out how to change your habits, the body follows along. This is what makes the Precision Nutrition System so powerful. It is essentially a master class in habit change, focused specifically on the habits surrounding nutrition.

Using the PN System and their Procoach program, I will guide you through PN’s 12 month long habit based curriculum that will teach you how to optimize your health, body composition, and performance.

You will learn what, when, and how much you should eat to support your goals, all without dieting, weighing your food or counting calories. More importantly, you will learn HOW to implement that knowledge, because knowledge without execution is useless.

You won’t be asked to change absolutely everything at once, rather you will learn how to implement just one key habit at a time, with the habits layered strategically to build upon each other.

The PN curriculum is NOT a prescriptive diet, rather it is a progressive series of scalable habits that YOU get to decide how best to implement.

We aren’t looking for immediate perfection. Instead, we’re working on consistent daily improvement.

The PN system supports your dietary restrictions and food preferences whether you’re paleo or vegan, or anything in between.

On the surface, it might seem deceptively simple, but the PN system is tested and proven effective for thousands and thousands of people.

Finally if 12 months seems like a long time to commit to a nutrition program, ask yourself where you want to be a year from now, because you could be in the best shape of your life!

What would a year of Precision Nutrition look like for you?