Trying On Concepts and Finding Missing Pieces


A few years ago I was introduced to the idea of starting the year with a specific word as a theme to focus on.  So, rather than making New Year’s resolutions, you consider what you’d like the coming year to look like and pick a word that will help you take action.

I thought the idea was interesting but didn’t feel the need to have one myself.  If anything I would do some reflection on the previous year and see what the main theme was.

This year the idea was brought up again.  This time I felt a connection.  Perhaps something had been brewing.  Maybe the time just wasn’t right before.  But, with a newfound connection I thought this might be something I would “try on” to see if it’s something that’s a fit for me.

In pondering this concept I kept coming back to one word – CREATE.

I remember being younger and having a creative flair.   As an introvert I often looked for an expressive outlet.  My parents were wonderful and very trusting letting me use the house as my canvas at times (thanks mom and dad).

At some point along the way I had allowed this creativity to be stifled.  Life worries took over.  Depression and anxiety settled in.  My world felt cloudy and ideas seemed unimportant.

It’s been a long journey back and while I have done lots of creating the past several years, something has been missing.

With my new word to focus on this year my goal is to find what that missing piece is.

CREATE – relationships, voice, space, calm, organization, freedom, playfulness, beauty, kindness, strength, resiliency, joy, mobility

The greatest barrier we have is ourselves.